Top social media tips for golf clubs
Top Social Media Tips For Golf Clubs
May 31, 2016
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July 19, 2016
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Top 10 Tips for Investing in an App

Top 10 Tips for Investing in an App

Planned and utilised correctly, an app is a very powerful sales and marketing tool and will enhance your members’ experience.

1)  What do you want the app to do?

Decide upon what the main purpose(s) of your app is. Golf clubs might be looking to have a fully rounded app, whereas a sailing club might want their main focus to be upon the season’s race fixtures and results.

2) Select your app type

Do you need a native or hybrid app? If your users need to access the data without a good signal, for example, course guides, you will need a native app that has that information already downloaded onto it. If you are looking for a simple app and know that your users will have good web connectivity, a hybrid might fit the bill.

3) Image is everything

Your app will only look as good as your graphics. Apps are also a reflection of your club; just as you would never throw a brochure or website together using any old images and content; neither should you do so with an app.

4) Don't forget your members!

Always remember the end user. You might want to have an app that generates income for your club, but if there is no incentive for them to download it, then your app will still be sat on the app stores gathering dust.

5) Don't go for cheap sponsored apps

NEVER fill your app with third party sponsored advertising. You might think it is a great way to get a free/low cost app. However, research has shown that banner adverts are generally accepted as “annoying, but “ok”; however, full screen pop-up adverts irritate users so much that they abandon the app. Forever.

6) Speak to your users - for their benefit (and yours!)

Ensure your own advertising is well timed. Unlike random third party sponsored advertising featured in free/low cost apps, your own adverts, push notifications and messages when timed correctly, can greatly add both to the user's experience and the profitability of your club.
Examples of this could be: suggestion of food in the clubhouse once the golfer comes to the end of their round or that if they booked another round now, they could save 10%. Also advertising forthcoming events is an excellent way to generate interest, interaction and income!

7) Into the future and beyond!

Consider future usage. Will you be looking to expand what is done via the app? For example, clubs that are a part of hotel and spa might want to add/expand on this section or you might want to utilise in beacon technology or broadcast event results live at a later date.  Ensuring you have the correct type of app and one that can be added onto, opposed to starting again from scratch can save your club a lot of time and money in the long run.

8) Ensure the correct developer fit

Speak to a few providers. It is important to ensure that the people that develop your app are on the same wavelength as you; can give you ideas and guidance plus provide you with ongoing support.

9) Be really proud of it

Remember that this is a part of your club’s overall image. Just like any marketing tool, it needs to look the part as well as service its purpose. Apps can look as amazing or a functional as you wish. Make an app that you can be proud of for years to come.

10)  Perfect timing

Finally, don’t rush out and “get an app”. Give it the time and respect your organisation deserves. However, do this without procrastinating because you don't want to be playing catch-up with other clubs!

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