The Smart App for Smart Clubs

Owning your own golf app is mark of prestige; a sign of advanced thinking and the foresight to bring additional value to your club. It stands to reason what benefits the golfer, benefits the club. This is why an app can be so powerful in your marketing mix.
Golf2Win has done extensive research into golf course apps and has extracted the very best functions that bring benefits to both the club and its golfers.

Available Features

The Course

Golf is steeped in history and your club is probably no exception. From famous course designers to titled landowners to the hosting of prestige matches let your members and visitors alike explore your heritage past and look forward to the exciting future with you.
Essential for any golfer, your app will show individual yardage guides for every hole on your course. Your choices range from illustrated guides to detailed flyovers. We can use your current graphics and videos or our professional team of dedicated golf course flyover specialists can help you create guides that will be the envy of your local clubs.
Making it easy for your clients to do business with you. Your app can link directly to your booking system* which makes booking a round (or two!) of golf a breeze.
Making soggy or crumpled bits of paper a thing of the past for your golfers with personalised score cards. Options range from recording individual games to showing live tournament scores on the big screen at the clubhouse. Excellent for self improvement, friendly competition amongst friends and for involving everyone at tournaments with the live scoring.
Bring additional value to your members and your team by including your club Pro’s advice and promote their services.


One of the many areas apps excel over other marketing options is push notifications. Send directly to the user's mobile device special offers, upcoming events and other marketing or course notification you wish to send.
The top clubs know that promotion is key to a successful turnout of any event. This is why our club app has a calendar section to show forthcoming events to increase participation and generate additional revenue.
With your app allowing golfers to take their own photos and share the course photos via email, Facebook and Twitter makes it a great way to promote the course and connect players without them having to switch application.
Your club app includes a photo gallery to showcase your course in its finest light. The images, of course, can be used to cross promote other facilities and functions of your club.


What does the weather hold in store today? A question every golfer wants to know. With your golf club app, users can view current weather conditions as well as a forecast for the next three days. Essential for knowing whether to leave the brolly at home!
This might be classed as a basic, but it essential item for any piece of marketing. Along with any images you wish to display, you can include contact information such as phone numbers, postal address, email, etc. We also include a contact form in there to make it easy for your clients contact you.
Essential for any new time visitor! Your location and directional information. This allows the users to be able view where your course is and find directions from their current location, making it swift and easy for them to plan their journey.


Making offers available to only those golfers that have your app is an excellent way to ensure that both you and the golfers get the best out of your course and of your marketing. By having an offer area for registered members encourages download, retention and repeat visits.
Promotion of the all important clubhouse is made much easier with a golf club app. You can promote the food and beverage menus as well as having the option to allow players to book your meal and drinks in advance of finishing their game. Our cleverly designed app will send a notification asking golfers if they wish to book food and/or drinks for their return to the club house when they have finished their round.
What better way to advertise your Pro Shop and make additional sales than having your Pro Shop at the fingertips of your golfers? The best golf clubs know that including a section on merchandise and promotional items is a great way to boost income into the business.
This an area of the app dedicated to your sponsors or advertisers, specifically designed to give you potential of selling advertising space and making additional revenue.