Top Social Media Tips For Golf Clubs

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May 26, 2016
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June 6, 2016
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Top Social Media Tips For Golf Clubs

Top social media tips for golf clubs

Top social media tips for golf clubs

Top social media tips for golf clubs: Social Media has changed the way that all businesses communicate to their customers and the smart golf clubs have starting to use social media effectively as part of their overall marketing strategy.
If you think social media is just for the large private clubs, then think again. Golf business of all sizes can benefit in many different of ways by the effective use of of this new(ish) medium. Communication is key and social media the perfect frontline for customer service and notification of upcoming events, etc.

Top 5 Social Tips For Golf Clubs

1)  We are interested in what our club is doing or even what the weather will be like. Ensure your club is delivering content about upcoming golf events, competition results, who has won what, etc.  Think of your club as personal account (with a professional spin!) and let everyone know what is happening and how the day/event went.
2)  One of the top social media tips for golf clubs and real crowd pleaser is to hold monthly photo competitions to really get their members actively involved. This has been used very successfully in many different types of businesses, and your club should be no different! The winner gets to have their photo as your facebook background for the following month. Everyone one likes to see their own photo up and will share with pretty much anyone that will listen that they have won. You also may think of having a calendar produced of each month’s winners or a year end vote on the best image of the year. Our CourseMate app can take this one step further, by allowing you to have a monthly winner and a number of runners up (thus increasing the amount of people regularly talking about it) uploaded into the club’s app – i.e. the top ten images of the month.
3)  Gain new visitors and members through targeted adverts. Facebook advertising allow clubs to promote their memberships and visitor rates to highly targeted users.  For example you could choose to advertise a four ball at a special weekend rate to Men aged 25-45, who have listed golf as hobby in their profiles and who live within 20 miles of your golf club. This level of segmentation typically drives higher conversion rates because the audience is so specially targeted.
4)  Provide golf tips and how-to videos.  We all know that golf can be a frustrating game at times for players of all abilities so another top social media tips for golf clubs is utilise your golf pro and shoot some short videos or/and post up simple golf tips. Not only are these great for your members to engage and enhance their game, it can be used to showcase your pro too.
5)  Use hashtag searches to increase your interactions.  Use your own golfer’s network to help build your content.  If you search your club by it’s name in Facebook and Twitter to find out what your members have been saying, you can then reply and repost their content.  Thanking them personally for coming and then public complimenting them (reposting their content with an additional comment) can give them the real glow of feeling appreciated. Our CourseMate app helps you with this side of your social media by having social media posting built into the app allowing you quick and easy gathering of the hashtags later that day (or whenever you like!)
Don’t be dishearten if you do not get thousands of likes/followers and hundreds of comments in the first week.
Firstly you do not need to be aiming to have thousands of likes/followers because you are a club and your are wanting to communicate and bond with your members and visitors, not The World and his wife! Secondly, it takes time for us to build a friendship in real life, your social side of the business is no different. Keep posting great content, thanking and sharing golfer’s posts and replying to their comments. This will keep them engaged with your golf club and make their membership last a lifetime.
If you have any top social media tips for golf clubs you would like to share, please let us know!

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