Golf Course App Mistakes – No 1!

Golf Club Apps – Creating a better experience
April 15, 2016
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May 31, 2016
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Golf Course App Mistakes – No 1!

Golf Course App Mistakes – Number 1


Golf course apps are currently in the startup phase that websites were many years ago. You know you need one, but did not fully understand why.

In those days many businesses simply ‘chucked’ up a website so they could say they had ‘a website’.  It did not seem to matter if this website was actually helping them with their reputation or business objectives…. They could say they had one! Now the same scenario appears to be here for Golf Course Apps.

Golf course apps SHOULD make your golf business money, but instead of the golf club’s app being a great sales and marketing tool, complementary to your website and other activities, the same mistakes in thinking  of having “an app” simply say you to have a presence is costing golfing businesses both in revenue and reputation.

Getting the most from an app is not rocket science, with a little planning and avoiding the 3 most common pitfalls your club can have an app they are proud of!


So….. What is the most common mistake?


The number ONE of Golf Course App Mistakes is…. having your app web based.

This mistake is very common.  Especially as there are a number of businesses offering “free apps” for the golf club. These apps are known as web or hybrid apps, which means they very little information built into the app itself and it needs to PULL data from the internet.  These may look fine and work in your clubhouse, but what about out on the course?

Putting yourselves in the golfing shoes of your members and visitors consider the following:

  • Your main reason to download the app is the course guide and you now find yourself out on the course and you have no wifi or 3G the app simply won’t load or function fully.
  • If it does load (and unless you have a great speed over the entire course) things like CGI and/or flyovers take a long time appear.
  • By using a web based app and not having free wifi available the 3G/4G will eat into the data plan.

I think you would probably agree that offering an app that doesn’t work out where it was intended to (out on the golf course!) is not a good business strategy.

To see the other 3 top mistakes that golf courses make when choosing an app Click Here



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Dubbed “Miss App” Jenni specialities in creating dynamic apps that deliver results for her golf clients. Writing technical papers for different golf magazines, online blogs and associations she has enjoys educating and helping the golf industry grow.

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