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With there being so many golf advice and coaching websites out there, it can be difficult to know where to turn when it comes to help with improving your golf game.  Many of these websites are only offering regurgitated information and videos that have been around on the internet for many years and secondly, how do you take that information out with you on to the course.


The Golf2Win app is here to solve all of those problems.  Firstly, it is easy to use and that is very important, especially with a tutorial style app like this one.  There are so many apps out there that are just too complicated and that is why people give up on them but this is not the case with Golf2Win, it’s very simple to understand and you will be in to the tutorials and content without any problems at all.


The second great feature of Golf2Win is that, because it’s an app, you can take it out on the course with you, in your golf bag on a iPad or even in your pocket on an iPhone.  You can also make use of Golf2Win when travelling or during a lunch break, meaning you can continue to improve your game wherever you are.


Now, having discussed the design and the accessibility of the app, it’s time to delve in to the tutorials that have been provided by Kevin Craggs, a very well respected PGA Tour coach with over 25 years experience.  There are tutorials available, ranging from posture and swing faults to putting and bunker play, it really is all there and this means that there is something for everyone, whatever standard of golf you are currently playing.  The tutorials feature text, 3D interactive images and also videos, all of which combine to provide a thoroughly enjoyable experience and it’s that enjoyment which gives this app the edge.  It really is a pleasure to use and the overhead animations of in-play situations help to highlight when and how different shots and techniques can and should be used.


Golf2Win takes golf coaching to the next level and it’s simple, effective strategies can be adopted by people of all ages and abilities, meaning that it will assist you in not only lowering your handicap but also by increasing your enjoyment out of the game.  Very well presented and easy to use, Golf2Win is the next generation of golf coaching and it’s all there for you, in the palm of your hand.




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