Does Your Club Host Corporate Events?

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May 11, 2017
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Does Your Club Host Corporate Events?

Did you know the LIVE scoring is proving a massive hit?

Live scoring providing massively popular and great way to involve players both on and off the course and is great way to engage and grow. And with a proper system you don't need to spend hours setting it up or hundreds of pounds/dollars/rands on just one event to get a first class results!
With our proven system, CourseMate app, live scoring very quick and easy to set up for all, can be used time and time again and if your club isn't using it for corporate days you will be missing out on some great marketing opportunities - which includes them talking about the live scoring event and referring your course!

10 Reasons Why Your Club Should Host Live Scoring

1) it's quick and easy to set up and do and you don't need wifi coverage on the course
2) you collect all their names and email addresses for future marketing
3) upon them downloading your own bespoke CourseMate app you get to showcase your entire offerings - from F&B to promotions to upcoming events.
4) CourseMate app helps them with their game with course guides, pro tips and GPS
5) the app correctly calculates their score along with their handicap and hole indexes allowing them to simply enjoy the game. Results are instantly beamed back to your clubhouse
6) the live scoring brings far greater involvement as golfers can see how they are doing, who's winning, etc, without having to wait for the end of a round. (You should see them gathered around the TV screen - it's amazing how involved they get)
7) all scorecards - including the whole event result is downloadable enabling you email the results to them as another point of contact (you can even use it as a mini tournament series by printing off how they did last time and allowing them to rank themselves against their last event)
8) combining points 4-7 ensures your course is talked about after the event giving rise to more referrals and repeat bookings
9) your club gets to market directly to their phones via push notifications long after they've left
10) from their names and email addresses collected you can mail out a thank you for playing and offer them some incentive to come back and play i.e. bucket of balls, play around at a discounted/members rate, etc.
As you can see, CourseMate app is designed to make your club money and increase player and member engagement. It can do so much more than boost your corporate games - download our demo app and see how your course could benefit.
Dubbed “Miss App” Jenni specialities in creating dynamic apps that deliver results for her golf clients. Writing technical papers for different golf magazines, online blogs and associations she has enjoys educating and helping the golf industry grow.

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