I have seen golf apps by the dozen…

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December 12, 2014
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December 17, 2014
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I have seen golf apps by the dozen…

Review by ElitePro13

I have seen golf apps by the dozen and many of them do not meet the expectations that I as a golfer have.

Very few address the problems that golfers face on a regular basis; few offer direct help and advice to help golfers improve their games. Yes there are many that allow for golfers to video and playback their swings, but few can actually help the golfer beat the faults that they find from analyzing the videos they have recorded.


Well that has changed with the launch of the new “golf2win” application. Designed to provide a hand held self help guide, the app is detailed and thorough in its explications and imagery of the most common errors golfers make.

The golf2win app is award winning and it is easy to see why, clean, precise, detailed and so simple that even my daughter started learn about the golf swing and how small changes can make such big differences.

The app was built in conjunction with PGA professionals to provide the most in depth instructional application currently available, or at least that I have had the pleasure of downloading.


The golf2win app is available for download on the iPad and on the iPhone. Android users do not despair the app will also be available in the near future for you as well, so you will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful app and begin to improve your golf and reduce your handicap.

The golf2win app uses proven strategies to aid improvement, through the use of video demonstrations, pop up windows and 3D imagery. This method brings the golfer closer to the advice and makes it easier for the golfer to understand the message and information being transmitted.


For those of you that want to get to grips with the fundamentals of the great game, get to the bottom of some of the games seemingly unanswerable questions this has to be the app for you to download this year, it could possibly be the greatest gift for the avid golfer could receive this year, and at just £5.99 it may prove to be an absolute bargain. For those a little more skeptical you have the opportunity to trial the app for free.

The main benefits of this app are its ease of use and simple navigation from category to category. The information is neatly grouped into categories so that you can easily and quickly find the subject matter that you require.

Perhaps the main draw of this app is the “Key to Success”, a clever guide with hints and tips on how to combat and cure those niggling swing defects, with PGA tour professional Kevin Craggs, a quick guide on how to fix the most common errors made by amateur golfers.

This is a fantastic app, with a great interface and will grace the mobile of any aspiring golfer.

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About our reviewer

My name is Alex and I am a professional golf coach and player. I have had experience teaching all levels of golfer, men, ladies and juniors. I have written articles on various aspects of golf from technique to the mental game. I am WGTF qualified and an NLP Sports Practitioner.

For more great tutorials and “how to” videos download the Golf2Win App via the app store.

Golf2Win is a powerful interactive training guide by National PGA Tour Coach Kevin Craggs.

Packed with hard hitting drills and clear, concise information, the app has proven techniques to:

  • add yards to your drive
  • reduce your handicap
  • escape the bunkers
  • read the greens
  • select the correct club for the situation
  • and MUCH more! 

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