10 ways YOUR Golf Club can make money from Apps

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January 11, 2016
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April 15, 2016
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10 Ways Your Course Can Make Money With Apps

The right golf club app makes a great marketing and sales tool and can bring enhanced revenue streams from a whole number of different ways. Below are the most popular top 10!

    1. App sales (if not give for free).
    2. Sponsorship/in app advertising.
    3. Increased sales from the promotion of the Pro-Shop or the Pro themselves.
    4. Increased sales from the promotion of the food and beverages.
    5. From additional tee bookings.
    6. Event promotion increases footfall/sale of tickets.
    7. Integrated social media to the app give you free social media by golfers playing the course (social proof) will lead to increased number of people playing.
    8. Utilises, at no extra cost, the golfer’s own network (from social proof of how great your course is to things like wedding fayres!).
    9. Decrease purchasing in things like scorecards and course guides as they come complete within the app itself.
    10. Decrease in staff costs/better use of staff time.

Choosing the right app

If you choose an app that only has a few options like contact details, course guides and flyovers, whilst they are very useful to the golfer, they by themselves do not generate income. It is the unique combination of having the correct features which makes the app a powerful marketing tool.
To see what our research suggests you should include see: What Features To Include In A Golf Course App.
Also another very import thing to consider is whether you want a native app or a web based/hybrid app.  It is VERY import to know the difference between the two  because selecting the wrong one can cost your golf club!
See our blog titled "difference between Native and Web apps" or follow this link

Choosing the right developer

Choosing the right developer

This is just as vitally important as it not only your reputation at stake but your money too!
There are a number of different companies now offering apps; some are companies that specialise in flyovers or CGI that create a wrap around app, some simply add apps to their list of services and outsource the creation of the app (should a client want one) and other companies are specialising in creating apps for golf courses.
Whoever you chose, you must be comfortable with them and ensure that the developers makes your app cost effective, provides you with real potential to earn additional and ongoing revenue and above all brings benefits both your club and its players.
Golf2Win, which is a part of the Advanced Digital prestige app development team, have created a cost effective, revenue generating and social media integrated app designed to capitalise upon your course's assets giving you a bespoke native app that will enhance your club and benefit your players.
Call us on 01494 881722 or visit us at www.golf2win.co.uk for more details.
Dubbed “Miss App” Jenni specialities in creating dynamic apps that deliver results for her golf clients. Writing technical papers for different golf magazines, online blogs and associations she has enjoys educating and helping the golf industry grow.

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