Websites and Apps: Why clubs can’t afford to miss out

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June 6, 2016
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August 18, 2016
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Websites and Apps: Why clubs can’t afford to miss out

Apps V Mobile Websites

Websites and apps are not interchangeable. Although there are areas where they overlap, they have very different functions and knowing the difference between them can make all the difference in your marketing strategies.
• Most people will find your club via your website.
• Your website is an excellent place for people to see in depth what your entire club has to offer.
• Apps are great for retention and repeat business.
• Used correctly, apps can build strong relationships with your members.
Used together they make a very powerful sales and marketing tool.

Why websites are not enough alone

Having a mobile responsive website is the very minimum requirement for any business savvy club to have and goes a long way to promoting your golf club, but the right app can excel over a website and even do a few things that your website is unable to. This is where your club is missing out.
Some of these are as simple as:
• Instant (and offline) access to your club’s information
• Quick one touch navigation to where they wish to view - fixtures, tee booking, pro-shop, etc.
• Designed especially for mobile devices, which means no tiny writing, hunting for navigation or images spilling off the page!
Some specific items that your website is unlikely to be able to do are:
• Work in areas without signal
• Aiding the golfer out on the course
• Social sharing (social proof is a great way to act as a referral point)
• Push notifications of events, special offers, course closure, etc - even without the app open
• Access the golfer’s own network
• Let you know when a member has arrived or book them in for their round
• Show you pace of play
• Show competition stats as they are happening
We all know that creating a great experience for your members and visitors alike, both on and off the course is the best way to retain members and recruit new ones. The right app will be able to help your team do this, plus boost uptake on events/fixtures and give you important marketing data.

Why Should Members Care?

Remember.... No one wants to wait... Not even for a few seconds. No one wants to search.... Not even for their favourite club.
In this digital age we now live in, everyone wants and expects;
• instant results
• instant access
• instantly what they are looking for
This is why investing in the correct app is essential for your club to retain and develop a competitive edge. Apps can bring in additional revenue and involve its members and visitors in a way a website alone is unable to. Combine these two smartphone tools to create a one powerful marketing tool for your club

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