General Managers – Just What Are You Thinking???!

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February 20, 2017
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General Managers – Just What Are You Thinking???!

This is 2017. The era of the mobile technology.  But for unexplainable reason, some people in the golf industry doesn’t seem to think it applies to them.

In every other industry, businesses are growing, gaining greater revenues and improving their customer’s interaction with their company with the smart, sensible and business savvy use of mobile technology.  Just what is the reluctance for the club industry?

Having spent over 2 years researching, speaking with clubs, golfers, pros and their advisors, plus writing numerous articles for golfing magazines and association bodies about perceptions, limitations and need for change, we discovered the main reason for resistance was lack of knowledge on the subject, fear of trying something “new” and other than not knowing where to start we heard:


“We don’t need apps”

These are probably the very same people that said that they did not need websites 5-10 years ago… Whilst it is true that a number of clubs still do not allow the use of mobile phones on the course, a smart club app is more than a course guide, GPS hole locator and a scorecard! Golfers can use it book their tee times, see latest scores, enter tournaments and events and benefit from the latest promotions, and none of these actions are done out on the course.

Most clubs have relaxed the rules to allow the use of mobile phones on the course to allow the golfers to use their own golfing apps. Which means your club knows there is a need for a GPS hole locating, course guide along with its scorecard, but seem to prefer get your valued member pay for apps like Sky Caddy and Hole 19.

Wouldn’t it make far more sense for a small investment of approximately your retail price of a coffee and an slice of cake per member, your club has its own professional app that gives those features to them for free, plus gain the other benefits your app offers like data collection, increased revenue and not to mention, making it quicker, easier and more fun for your members and visitors!


“We’ve tried it”

Your course has one of those free or low cost web apps and it didn’t get many downloads and those that did down load it, abandoned it shortly after, making it virtually useless as a business tool – you  just as the old adage says, buy cheap, buy twice.

Just a  we all know a cheap, poorly constructed app can damage the reputation (a number of GM’s confided in saying that not only do they not have it on their own phones, but they disliked the app so much that they did not promote it)

This is just a common as “we don’t need apps”

Even worse to this is I have even heard lately that “we have a low cost web app and it isn’t being used so we are adding more features to it.” Upon asking why they thought it wasn’t being used, I consistently got two answers “I don’t know” and “because its s**t” and yet somehow, they have put all business sense aside and added more features to the app because they feel that this some how will make all the difference!


Be sensible and smart

Apps are not about change they are about improvement. Communicating quicker and more efficiently with their members, creating and adding to your community and make the lives of your members (and visitors) easier and more engaging.

With the intelligent use of today’s technology (web/apps/social media) golf businesses can reach their audiences like never before. They can interact and gain loyal following and increase all areas of their business and we understand that every golf business needs its own personalisation because we know that they have their own visions, criteria, different resources and targets that they wish to meet.

Therefore you need a tailored approach upon how to reach your audience and this is where the smart use of technology can really help – you have the tools, now use them!


Dubbed “Miss App” Jenni specialities in creating dynamic apps that deliver results for her golf clients. Writing technical papers for different golf magazines, online blogs and associations she has enjoys educating and helping the golf industry grow.

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