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A new era is here! Golf2Win is helping golf businesses to create new traditions for their generations to come (whilst preserving the golf industry's current traditions and values). We do this with a fresh approach to how the golf industry currently performs sales and marketing activities, recruitment and interaction with members and visitors. This approach is not via some newfangled idea or voodoo sticks but the smart use of current technology to gain real benefits to both the clubs and the golfers that belong or visit them.
With the intelligent use of today's technology (web/apps/social media) golf businesses can reach their audiences like never before. They can interact and gain loyal following and increase all areas of their business. Golf2Win understands that every golf business needs its own personalisation because we know that you have your own visions, criteria, different resources and targets you wish to meet. Therefore you need a tailored approach upon how to reach your audience and this is where the smart use of technology can really help.


Golf apps should MAKE your club money. They should be representative to your branding in both look and feel, they should be an extremely beneficial extension to your club and provide your members and visitors with everything your course has to offer.
Golf2Win has done many months of research as to what exactly should go into a golf course app from both a business income generating perspective and from the view of the end user; the golfer. We have compiled our research and created the ultimate app - CourseMate App - for any course that wishes to improve their spend per golfer, attract new members/visitors, access the golfer’s own networks, boost their social media campaigns and improve communication with your members, and to attract new.
Your golf app should also be able to grow with your business, improving and capitalising upon new technologies and, unlike virtually all golf course apps out there on the market today, The CourseMate App does this. With its modular structure, your course can upgrade or add bespoke parts to the app that suits your specific business requirements.
See how your golf club can improve their sales and marketing opportunities with The CourseMate App.



Did you know that you can convert your skills into a best-selling smartphone and tablet golf apps, reach an audience of millions and gain a new revenue stream?
With over million golfers in the UK and US alone with your own golf app you can reach the worldwide audience via The App Store and Google Play and earn money, even whilst you sleep.
Not just for download via The Stores, with our volume purchasing scheme you can create physical gift cards which are perfect for selling in your Pro-shop, corporate days, Christmas gifts and much more.
Remember, your skills were not down to luck, you invested time and money. See how your skills can repay you.


The first in the series, Key To Success, features well respected and sought after PGA Pro coach Kevin Craggs. Kevin has over 25 years of experience and guides you through the app with his expertise.
Not just your ordinary coaching app - each category delivers first- class information through pop-up tutorial boxes, demonstration videos as well as 3D imagery, animations of courses, outstanding photography and an incredible attention to detail.
Golf2Win has received an amazing response in the sports sphere, which is why Golf2Win obtains the title of Aquafadas App of the Month, been featured in Bunkered Golf Magazine and given 5 stars from a number of independent App review sites.
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